Tau Volantis

by Tau Volantis

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released November 11, 2016

Written & Recorded by Tau Volantis



all rights reserved


Tau Volantis Laurel, Maryland

Deathcore from Maryland, USA

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Track Name: Neuroparasitic Necrophage
Track Name: Xenomorphogenesis
Moving ever so swiftly, though laden with darkness
A hideous entity not of this Earth
Interdimensional voyager, marooned on this plane
Made to suffer our existence each time anew

In our mirrored halls we made it coalesce
A tangible form; abominable embodiment

Of our hate
Of our suffering
Of our baleful will

Restrained - bound by our science
We thought it safe for our consumption
As we distilled its essence
Made it bond with our form

We grew unimaginably
Beyond the scope of our comprehension

Our halls will reverberate with thunderous celebration
And our ships will seek new lands to conquer
Woe to all we meet in our travels
We will consume them as we've consumed ourselves

As cell is to organism
As Earth is to Hell
As man is to God
This demon is to us

As above, so below
As within, so without
A reflection of our most vile imaginings
Ripped from a shared consciousness and laid bare
Track Name: Execration of the Void
Cosmic anathema
Consigned to eternal torment
To be released from its bonds
When a greater threat looms

In a distant reality
Arose these beings
Evolutionary anomalies
Capable of reason and thought

Doomed to our own folly

Our fires burned for two-hundred millenia
Smoke rising through our Empyrean plane
Tendrils reaching across the void
Calling to the tortured prisoner

As motes of dust
Moving through a pillar of light
Smolder and burn
So we were caught in the sight of this horror

To be lit aflame

Its gaze piercing through dimensional fog
Casting the shadow of our death

Destroyer of worlds
Devourer of reality
Threatening violence
On our existence

Punishment for eons of destruction
Because we are the ouroboros eating the world
Its legions darken our skies
As all life stops one sound rings out

I owe you pain
Track Name: Tsathoggua's Marker
Beautiful orb
Beacon of hate

Reflection of our suffering

Your surface taut
Tenebrous swirls dancing upon it
Inviting me to swallow and sink
Filtered visions settling on me

In your crystalline keep you slumber
Navigating a dreamless void
Eternally waiting
Listening only for the call of your master

A wail plagued with sadness and remorse
Expressing regret for its present condition

Bearing witness to your form
I ache for your attention

Achromatic tendrils lovingly caress my mind
And then they thrust their way into my thoughts

Tearing all apart

I urge you, enter me
Make me one with you

I will shine on
As the sleeper in the keep
Devourer of shadows
Bringing darkness to all humanity

Beautiful orb
Beacon of Hell
Reflection of our suffering

We are doomed
He grows tired
Of our ways
Suffer Him
Track Name: Slayer of Hematophagic Entities
If you want to end the world
Then start with me

For I am the catalyst
Bringing forth the conclusion of this narrative

That above shall perish in silence
For that below rises to consume

These mortal spheres
Shall quake in fear

As the world comes to know the Beast